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Pharma Industry works

We can do any kind of customization

Battery Industry work

chemical tank, chimney, Screw-on ear, conveyor

Chemical Industry work

chemical tank, chimney, Screw-on ear, conveyor

Mills Industry Work

elevator works, conveyor, silo tank, cyclone, shifter

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Our well-experienced team works day & and night for better quality of products. We have a wide range of national and international clients on the base of our work quality. Our company serves different fabricated metal services like silo tank fabrication,


Get fabrication is a team owned and handle mechanical repair service and fabrication workshop which has been helping our local clients and neighboring areas for last 10 years. Our well experienced and certified team is ready to deal with any type of work related to fabrication and maintenance

project management

A project is provisional in that it has a defined start and end in time, therefore defined scope and assets. A project is modern in that it is not a daily routine operation, but a main set of operations designed to achieve a singular goal.

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This Is What We Doing

From prototypes to production, SYED ENGINEERING is a highly versatile manufacturing partner supplying parts, components and products for commercial, industrial and structural use.

Our manufacturing facilities form the backbone of custom automation projects and also function as a separate division providing sub-assemblies, full fabrication, parts, and tools.

Production is controlled with our state-of-the-art custom ERP system.

The types of materials we manufacture include aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel. Our fully equipped fabrication workshop includes, but is not limited to, drilling, cutting and forming with our 5-axis brake press.


Orgon welding
Electric welding
Gas welding
CO2 Welding

CO2 Welding

Argon Welding

Electric Welding

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We design all in one Fabrication solution for the complex needs of the Fabrication management industry.

Custumer reviews

I am really satisfied with their work they are very passionate about their work and their goal is very superb for their customer satisfaction .
Ceo: Alta group
Syed Group of company is very professional and their delivery time is very good deliver was never late i will always recommend to get fabrication work from them .
Mila Kunis
I have been the client of Syed group of companies from many years there staff is professional and the main thing is they have the set up to bring with them to your locations that's make the work easy really satisfied .
Abdul Ghani
Ceo: Amazidshop

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